Tommy Norris

Tommy Norris was born in Western Australia.
Norris quickly became known as one of Western Australia’s rising cyclists, In August 1933 Norris riding from scratch won the 25-mile “Kalaf Cup”, run over five laps
to brown Hill and return (W.A), with a brilliant performance in record time Norris was complimented Mr. Kalaf as he was presented with the cup. Norris replied by
saying his success was due to the assistance given by his brother, especially over the last five miles. Jack Norris, his brother was also a very competitive cyclist.
By 1937 Norris was a distinguished cyclist; he rode brilliantly in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia where he racked up 12 wins against very talented
opposition. He won the 5-mile international scratch in Victoria on the exhibition boards’ tracks where he competed against Nino Borsari, Cecil Walker and Charlie
Ritter. His wins were so dominant that it was noted that when Norris raced on a Wednesday he would typically win. Norris had won the 5-miles professional scratch
race, and in each instance had either equaled or broken track records in 3 consecutive meets.
Norris became sponsored by Healing cycles, A.G Healing was organizing that at the end of the 1937 track season that Norris would be travelling to contest the six-day
race at Wembley Stadium in London starting on May 16, Australia would be represented by six stellar cyclists who will team in pairs— Hubert Opperman – Len Rogers,
Bill Moritz – Tommy Norris and the W.A. brothers, Eddie and Harold Smith.
In the Coronation race the prize money is in the vicinity of £5000, of which the winning duo takes £1000.
One of Norris main competitors for many of his races was Joe Casserley, with a huge crowd gathered at the Fremantle Oval (W.A) in 1945 Norris ended a one-lap pursuit
to win in the excellent time of 41 4-5secs.
In January 1947 Norris broke the record as the first rider to break 11 minute mark for 5 miles on the Board Tracks in Melbourne (VIC) in 10 minutes, 59 seconds and
the following week he bettered this time to 10 minutes, 51 seconds defeating the late Hefty Stuart. The record was long standing.
With much attraction of night like day cycling carnivals held at the Kalgoorlie Oval (W.A) on new year’s, a main event was scheduled, a special 3 heat match race for
a side wager of £50, between Tommy Norris and Arthur Hall took place. Norris displayed great tenacity and  speed to narrowly win.
Norris continued to race and become one of the sports most respected.