R.W “Fatty” Lamb

Richard William Lamb was born 26th December, 1907 in Melbourne, Australia.
He became one of the best preforming Australian riders on the road and track, holder of the Australian professional road title which earn t him considerable fame in all branches of the sport in America, France and other parts of the continent.
“Fatty” as he was known came from the school yard “It started at school”, “As a boy I perhaps looked fatter than I do now and you know what the school is for nicknames”, though he didn’t mind the nickname it stayed with his during the course of his life.
In 1929 he went to America where he rode with merited success against the world’s best riders, Lamb defeated Franco Georgetti, motorpaced champion of U.S.A.
Lamb turned professional in 1928 after signing a £1000 contract with Melbourne carnivals, to ride under the management of Mr Jack Campbell at the Melbourne Motor drome.
Bruce Small, Lamb’s mentor had previously said that Lamb had turned down numerous £500 offers but lamb would consider £1000 at which he deserted the amateur ranks, though joining the pros Lamb was unable to represent Australia at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in the same year; he had previously won the Olympic road trials.
In his debut as a professional he went on to win the 10-mile Motor-paced event.
Lamb was sponsored by Malvern Star cycles.
More success in 1930 securing fastest time in the Warrnambool-Melbourne (Blue Riband) and then being selected as one of the team members to represent Australia in the 25th Tour De France.
Malvern Star cycles had raised funds for the trip to France and with other members of Hubert Opperman (Captain), Frankie Thomas and Ossie Nicholson they trained on the month long trip board the ship.
The Australian team was considered no chance of winning against the might of the Europeans however Lamb finished in 33rd position. The French won the event.
While in France he also competed in other events and won the Grand Prix of Marseilles with Opperman finishing third.
In 1932, Lamb again secured the fastest time honors in the world famous Warrnambool-Melbourne finishing 6hr. 21min. 18secs. The time was 2 hrs. faster than his previous time in 1930. Lamb registered one of his finest rides at the Melbourne Motordrome on 8th February 1933 when he broke Hubert Opperman one hour motor-paced record set in 1930. In November Lamb was successful defeating Frank Thomas in the Tour of Tasmania  by one second and in 1934 went on to win the Batman Centenary “1000” (VIC).