Osterstock Cycles

Details are vague about Osterstock cycles however the Osterstock family were well known in Adelaide (S.A) serving the Pt. Adelaide region.
Osterstock’s beginnings stem from 1881 where a Boot and shoe shop was operating on Commercial road, Pt. Adelaide by Andrew George Osterstock, its business name A.G Osterstock boot makers.

Later his son Charles George Osterstock who was a boot maker by trade turned his interest to cycling, he began making and selling of cycles and in 1908 established a cycle business on Commercial Road, Pt Adeladie. He was also an official of the Port Adelaide Cycle racing Club.
In 1910 Boot shop closed from his father death two years prior but continued dealing with Bicycles.
Moving to Kangaroo Island in 1921 for future prospects he decided to return to Pt. Adelaide in 1921 and things had gone the way he hoped and started Operating a cycle shop as C.A Osterstock at 20b Semaphore Road, Glanville with sons Charles Andrew and Leon Percival as mechanic.
The cycle shop catered for all cyclists needs and boasted a range of top grade accessories and a wide range of cycles serving the community and also sold and serviced Radios as many other cycling manufacturers did.
There was also a cycle shop established at Exeter (SA) by C.G Osterstock two eldest daughters however this lasted for only three years.

By the early 1930’s C.A Osterstock took an interest in Motorcycles and became the chairman to the Sprint Motor cycle club 1933.
C.A Osterstock took part in many of the Activities held in the Port Adelaide area including the sponsorship of many junior cycling racing events and in October 1932 “the cycle traders” of South Australia held a competition for the best window display for a cycle shop, Osterstock was among one of the winners of the suburbs category.
Involvement in other activities Osterstock took part in the third annual bicycle hike, cyclists would ride an attractive route which was chosen free of tram lines and other undesirable features. The route was filled with events along the way with all types of cycles through the main streets of the Adelaide City.
The event had grown from 5000 to 7000 entrants in the years and this event was expected to be the largest yet. The start was at Victoria Square (SA) at the General Post office for a ride of 5 1/2 miles.
A polo match on bicycles would also take part as one of the festivities versus the Pt. Adelaide team (Captain C.A Osterstock) and the Adelaide team (captain V. Elliott)
By 1938 Charles Andrew Osterstock and Leon Percival Osterstock were trading as Osterstock brothers and after much success at cycles relocated in the 1950’s to 137 St. Vincent Street, Port Adelaide.

During this time J.N Taylor and Co. ltd bought the business of Osterstock Bros.
J.N Taylor were already a specialist motor cycle store operating at Grenfell Street, Adelaide with sales of Motor cycles recently rising from £25,000 before the war to £465,000 in the previous year of trading and were doing extremely well in business. Osterstock Bros. was being operated as a subsidiary company.

Osterstock Bros. were Specialists for the Super Sprint, Sprint and Rolls Rapid cycles and by 1954 were stocking a range of motorcycles including BSA, Norton, AJS, Bantam Springer and the Matchless 500 and were agents for S.T.C and healing radios.

Osterstock Bros. closed down in the early 1960’s.