Max Monkhouse

Albert Maxwell Monkhouse was born 27th June, 1920 in North Unley Adelaide
One of the States leading amateurs in South Australia in the late 1930’s, known as Max Monkhouse he was already finishing with fastest times and rising to the top of the Amateurs field.
By April 1937 Monkhouse was already known around the traps, having entered himself the 100-lap Amateur Centenary Derby this was a race which proved a grueling test of speed and stamina. With twenty one starters the race carried the Continental point score system, this consisted of points being allotted for every fourth lap sprint on the basis of three points for first, two for second and one for third, with double points for the final sprint. With a great start of determination by all the cyclists, the younger competitors had been dropped or retired by half of the race. Competitors were showing the strain of the long and hard ride however Monkhouse carried his will past the seventy-sixth lap to win in a great pace.
In January 1939 Monkhouse won the 1-mile State Cycling Championships at Good wood Oval and having entered many events he was placing high.
During the month of September at the Adelaide Showground’s, Monkhouse was winner of the 50-lap Amateur Derby while at the same time taking the fastest time for the event and continuing his winning form in October won the State 25-mile amateur title having been locked together with Stan Heritage (Victorian Amateur) in the final laps, he pedaled hard to win by inches. The race was over a course from the Maid of Auckland Hotel. Edwardstown, to the Port Noarlunga turn-off and return.
Ending the year Monkhouse won heats and events at the Christmas Carnivals at Goodwood Oval (S.A) which was hosted by the Bullock Cycle stores. He was also awarded the Consistency Cup by the cycle traders Association for the season. Monkhouse took the title for Amateur while Deane Toseland took the senior professional title.
Monkhouse became part of the Super Elliott team, the local and interstate papers featured his name in advertisements, and his name was among already famous professionals Deane Toseland and Keith Thurgood. By April 1940 Monkhouse added another State title to his list, taking the 10-mile State Championship and by June had enlisted himself in the Defence Air Forces.
Coming out of the Defence Force in 1946 Monkhouse reproduced his old form in his first competitive race meet to win the 2-lap handicap against a big field conducted by the Amateur Cyclists Union and the League of SA Wheelmen at Payneham Oval.  The 2-lap combined both junior and senior handicap Final which was won by Monkhouse who also took wins at the Welgall Oval in the 1-mile event.
Monkhouse was proving himself as fierce threat to all competitors and at the Gawler Oval (S.A) where a series of track races were held, Monkhouse took double wins, the 1-mile Handicap and 4-mile First Class Scratch race. The event was sponsored by the Kilkenny Amateur Cycling Club and showed the best of Monkhouse.
Monkhouse was a member of the Sturt Districts Cycling Club (S.A).