K.L Osborne

Kingsley Lancelot Osborne was born in 1911 and became one of South Australia’s dominant cyclists of pre and post war times.
As a high School student of 17 years Osborne competed at the Mt. Gambier cycling and sports club held under electric light at Frew Park, Osborne won the 2-mile race event in his heat in a convincing manner from V. Smith and later in the event produced
his magic and repeated his good performance in the final which he won by three lengths from J. Fitzpatrick. The event drew a small crowd, the £23 entrance fee at the gate was not favourable among spectators but proved Osborne was a future racing contender.

By the 1930s Osborne had entered numerous events, positioning himself up there in with the top riders of South Australia claiming the 5-mile victory.
In 1934 Osborne won the first scratch race of the SA Championship title at Mt. Gambier (S.A). The event had attracted a strong gathering of 600 people and with a number of novelty events added the show created great excitement.
Osborne raced his preferred cycle a Bullock cycle, and was sponsored as their team rider, as such a custom bike was built to order showcasing Bullock cycles best with ornate lug-work and diamond shaped stays.
Osborne became appointed as Manager of the Mount Gambier Bullock Cycles branch located at 230 Commercial Street, Mt. Gambier and advertised his wins in the local papers displaying his sales branch which proved great sales for Bullock cycles.
From the 1940’s on Osborne was still a competitive cyclist, he had also become interested in motorcycles which many cycle stores had connections with.
In 1949 was reappointed President of the Mount Gambier Motor ‘Cycle and
Light Car Club ‘ at its recent annual meeting.

By the 1950’s Osborne was entering racing events both cycle and motorcycle and became the Mount Gambier club president in 1952 for motorcycles
Osborne was part of a team with L. W. and B.F Fox and M. Von Einem representing Mt. Gambier at the Tower Hill scramble held at Warrnambool (VIC).
Osborne riding in his first scramble for many years, finished second in the Novice handicap, riding G. McPherson’s 350 BSA.
In the same year, Osborne had troubles starting his machine in the 550 Clubman’s race, with a few laps he withdrew with faulty gear mechanism.
Towards the mid-1950’s Bullock cycles were nearing the end of operations and Osborne connected himself with other prominent makers as Malvern Star and Super Elliott.
Osborne continued to race, as veteran of the sport entered many of the long distance events held in Mt. Gambier notably the 100-mile Cycling Race in 1959 (see image below) and the South East 100-mile race in 1961.
Osborne continued to be of service to the Mt. Gambier region and supported many of its events especially those connected to cycling.
K.L Osborne died 15 November 1983, aged 72 years


1937 Bullock track – K.L Osborne
1937 Bullock built to show case Bullocks finest, purposely built for K.L Osborne
Innovative at the time, features a hexagonal bottom bracket with diamond shaped chain and seat-stays, innovative at the time.
Sponsored by Bullock cycles K.L Osborne bike was equipped with the best componentry for its day.
This cycle had the more expensive chrome plating with custom Bullock script with K.L Osborne name on seat-tube.