Ern Milliken

Ernest Milliken was born in 1913 and commenced his brilliant career in Geelong.
In 1931 he won the 33-miles open event, the 20-mile unpaced road race and rode for Victoria in the National Amateur Road Championships.
In October 1932, Milliken rode exceptionally in the 100-miles Colac-Melbourne road race, from scratch through rain and hailstorms and went on to finish in 3hrs. 35mins. 15secs. making it the fastest time for the race and resulting in the world’s record for 100-miles. In the same year he won and set the fastest time in the Goulbourn-Sydney(N.S.W) race and also other wins, the Australian unpaced road Championship at Hobart (TAS) and the 100 Victorian 100-kilometre road title.
By 1933 he excelled in practically every fastest time prize in club and open events and went on to break 11 race records.
In 1934 he became contracted to ride with the B.S.A. Malvern Star team and earning himself the nickname “Eagle of the Road”.
By 1935 Milliken traveled to England where he would compete against continental riders.
Milliken rode the fastest 100-miles in the London-Brighton and return road race; he would also race in tandem events and credited more broken records.
In 1935 two more tandem records were broken by Milliken and W.F Stuart and while overseas they rode from London to York continuously for 12 hours and covered 275-miles beating the previous record by 22 miles, riding against heavy motor traffic, rain, seven punctures and held up by two level crossings they rode with an almighty effort.
In Belgium Milliken and Opperman both entered the Professional road race, Milliken had mechanical issues on lap seven of eight and had to withdrawal, Opperman finished eighth.
A special bend of handlebars were named after Milliken, similar to the Opperman bend yet had more sweep, see image below.
In 1936 a bicycle to sit three riders was built, with Milliken upfront, W.F Stuart in second and H.  Opperman at the rear, this would be introduced in future match racing events.
In 1937 Milliken showed his best form when he set the state record in the 30-miles Wollongong open road race of 1hr. 8min. 35sec, an application was made to the league of Wheelmen to have this recognized as it was two minutes faster than the Australian record.
Milliken retired from racing in 1938 but his credits stand as being one of the greats in Australian road racing.