Crannaford Cycles

Crannaford cycles were a local cycle shop in the city of Adelaide and were regarded as very good quality builders.
Marketing bikes under their own brand name they became very popular and found that race and touring bikes were their specialty area with their after sales servicing.
Noted as having been established by the 1940’s, they operated from 29 Light Square, Adelaide and later went on to setup business in other locations of Adelaide with a short stay in Wright Street and lastly at Halifax street where they would remain for 50 years till ceasing operations.
In the 1970’s and 80’s they specialized more for the general market of family commuters, they built and continued with current bicycle trends but also custom built racing and touring bikes which included the use of nicely shaped lugsets, chromed forks and added with Suntour or Campagnolo frame dropouts.
Rob Crannaford was the last propritor of Crannaford cycles from his father Ross.
Early post war and custom special Crannaford cycles are quite rare with later commuter cycles turning up every so often.