Arne Bate

Arnold Ernest Bate was born 16th April, 1910 at Norwood, South Australia (S.A).
“Arne” as he became known started racing in 1928 and became recognised as one of Australia’s Sprinting champions. In 1931 he was the leading rider in South Australia and had ridden with outstanding success around Australia.
In 1932 Bate defeated Hubert Opperman in the
5-mile Pursuit cycle race at Payneham Oval (S.A) and also the state 25-mile cycle championship from Hectorville-Highbury (S.A) from a field of 25 entrants.
In May 1933 Bate won the 13-mile Open road race at Payneham (S.A), which more than 30 cyclists competed starting from scratch, among other state champions were Bill Moritz and Deane Toseland. Bate put in a fine burst of speed to win by a wheel. In June Bate was trying out a new 3-speed cycle in the 40-mile Payneham club race but failed to finish. February 1934, Bate also had success in Victoria winning the 2-mile and 1-mile handicap at Bainsdale and also at Omeo where he won 2 events.
Bate held records at the time for State Championships over all distances on the track and was holder of the 1/4 mile Australian dirt track record for that year.

1935 Bate won the state mile championship at Renmark but had a short season due to an appendicitis operation but recovered well and in 1936 his performance was outstanding with a treble win at Renmark on Anzac Day when he captured the wheel race, 1/2-mile S.A championship and 5-mile open championship.
Some of his other wheel races won are the mile championship at Kapunda (S.A) (twice), Gawler (S.A) and Port Lincoln (S.A) as well as many other minor handicap races from scratch mark with successful visits to Tasmania winning 5 scratch races at their Christmas sports meets.
Bates rode a Super Elliott cycle and appeared weekly in many of the Super Elliott ads. In 1939 Bate was accepted as a fitter with the Royal Australian Air Force and in May left to attend his duties.
Bate always kept in good physical condition, weighed approximately 13 stone, and is 5 ft. 11 in in height.
Bate’s best performances were at the track, he competed in a few road races and gained fastest time on numerous occasions but was known more for his track efforts.